Vitamin Pills to Lose Weight

There has been a great deal of media attention lately that has been focused the idea of using vitamin pills to lose weight. With all of the claims, the endless choices for supplements, and all of the information available, it can be quite overwhelming to decide what options are best for you. Below are a few of the most common vitamins to help promote weight loss.

B Vitamins: All of the B vitamins are quite beneficial to the process of losing weight. Riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2), Niacin (also known as vitamin B3), and Pyridoxine (also known as vitamin B6), help to regulate the thyroid and metabolism. The thyroid controls hormone levels in the body, which can greatly affect your chances of losing weight. A high functioning metabolism can help your body to burn higher amounts of fat and calories, even during periods of rest, thus helping to melt away those extra pounds. Another B vitamin, Pantothenic Acid (also known as vitamin B5), helps to increase energy levels. Energy is extremely important to the weight loss process, as it helps to boost metabolic function and burn extra fat and calories. B vitamins can be found in adequate amounts in most regular multi-vitamin supplements, as well as together in a supplement known as "B-Complex Vitamins". These vitamins can also be easily obtained by eating adequate amounts of lean protein, dark leafy green vegetables, low fat dairy, fish, eggs, fruit, and some nuts.

Vitamin C: The body cannot properly work to lose weight, and burn fat and calories if it is not healthy. Vitamin C works to help protect the body, increase the function of the immune system, and promote healing. This vitamin can be found in multi-vitamin supplements, on its own in pill form, or in many types of foods including citrus fruits.

Other vitamins such as chromium picolinate, inositol, and choline can also help a great deal with weight loss. Inositol and choline work in the body to process fat more efficiently. These vitamins keep the liver healthy, and prevent it from becoming clogged with extra fat. Chromium picolinate helps to control weight by regulating blood glucose levels. These three vitamins can be found separately in supplement form, as well as in most multi-vitamin products.

You should always try to get as many vitamins as possible in their natural form by eating a well-balanced diet. If you find you need to supplement your diet, take your time and educate yourself fully on the different forms of vitamins available. It is always a good idea to speak with a health care professional prior to taking any products to ensure your safety.

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